Cricket Breeding Kits – Your Best Options

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Ready to grow some nice plump crickets with these amazing kits?

cricket breeding kits

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When it comes to crickets, we all want healthy hoppers. The best way to ensure that is by selecting a good breeding kit. We know how overwhelming it can be due to the sheer amount of options presented. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to the best cricket breeding kits on the market. This way you don’t get overwhelmed and maybe we can guide you in the right direction to not only save some money by buying a better product, but by making sure you have a happy, healthy cricket colony.

So, if you’re looking for a new kit or just want some input before making your purchase decision, here are our top picks, but first, Here’s how we choose which is which.

How We Selected

Here at thewormpeople, we strive to review only products that are our best options in their respective categories. Our picks for these categories include Best Value, Best Choice, and Premium Pick.

Best Value: When we review a product to be included in our best value category, we consider the following factors. There are a number of factors that determine the overall quality of a product. Price is first and foremost, as it determines the price-to-quality ratio. For example, build quality depends on how much you’re willing to pay for it. If a package is made cheaply with low-quality materials and doesn’t seem like it will last, we’ll disregard it. We look for proportionate durability to price ratio in our best value selection.

Our reviews also encompass many qualities like the ease of use, accessibility, and various other factors.

Best Choice: In general, our Best Choice recommendation is always the product that was liked best by the average buyer. Performance should be good for what you would expect with a more expensive (but not always pricier) product and it will have a strong history of positive reviews.

Overall With our best choice option, you get the most bang for your buck because it’s versatile and exceeds expectations. Our favorite product from this list is the one we would or will use again.

Premium Pick: Sometimes we’ll add a “Premium Pick” designation. This is for extreme outliers in the market that represent the absolute best of what their category has to offer and that exceed our strict criteria for quality, performance, price-to-value ratio, and innovation.

The product is sturdy, looks amazing, and manages to function precisely as it’s supposed to.

For those who are willing to pay premium prices for an excellent quality product, The premium pick is our recommendation.

Best Value

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Best Choice

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We put together a list to get you started building your own kit!

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Best Cricket Breeding Kits

The Cricket Colony Starter Kit

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We chose this cricket breeder kit as our best choice because it is the most complete kit for a solid price. We ranked this cricket colony starter kit in terms of its design, care requirements, and quality as well as any pros or cons we might find with it after using it over time.

The Cricket Colony Starter Kit from Amazon. The kit includes nearly everything you need to start your cricket colony, including food, water, and a cage. This is not the only thing included in this kit though; there are also some other helpful items that really tie the kit together, Including egg cartons, High-quality starter feed, and bedding.

The interesting thing about this kit is instead of using a sponge and flat dish watering system, it utilizes water crystals to hydrate your crickets. The kit includes an instruction booklet that is incredibly helpful in showing you how to set up the cage, what you need for it, and much more.

Sadly there is a downside. It doesn’t come with any live crickets. This was a little disappointing, considering it is the entire point of the kit. You will have to buy live crickets separately in order for your colony to function properly and produce feeders on demand. Luckily, amazon also has quite a few options:


  • It’s a great way to start a supply of live crickets. Not only that, But the kit can double for dubia roaches, meal worms, and wax worms. So it’s very versatile.
  • Includes a large variety of things you will need in order to create your breeding habitat, Including egg cartons, food, water crystals, and bedding.


  • It’s one of the most complete kits on the internet
  • It’s affordable and a huge time saver
  • The instructions are well documented and easy to use
  • Very easy to set up


  • It doesn’t come with *everything* you need.
  • Lacks a container, and live crickets. So you have to spend an extra couple bucks on an enclosure and live adult breeder crickets.

Here are some options for live cricket colonies

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Best Value

The Nature Zone SNZ56411 Cricket Breeding Kit

Nature Zone SNZ56411 Cricket Breeding Kit
  • Cricket breeding kit is a complete setup to breed crickets
  • Provide a convenient and economical source of pin-head and small crickets for feed to small reptiles and amphibians
  • Complete instructions for breeding and raising crickets are provided
  • It is so easy even a novice may successfully breed crickets
  • No incubator or extra equipment required

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The nature zone snz56411 cricket breeding kit is a great starter kit for those of you looking to begin your own cricket colony.

The first thing I noticed about this kit is its low price point, which can make it an attractive option for many people who are just starting out with their breeding project.

This kit comes with many things that will be needed to start up and get going, including Mini-terrarium, egg cartons, egg-laying container, adult cricket food, hatchling food, and instructions.

Sadly, this kit also does not come with a live colony of crickets which means that you will have to purchase those separately.

The instructions are also not very detailed and it is easy to misinterpret what they say, but if one takes their time with the kit then they should be just fine.

This starter cricket colony kit might not provide everything needed for a successful project right out of the box, but it is a great way to start and save money in the process.


  • This kit comes with almost everything needed to get started breeding crickets.
  • Cricket colony starter kit is a convenient and economical product for anyone wanting to feed small reptiles and amphibians.
  • Instructions for breeding and raising crickets are contained in the kit
  • The easy-to-use starter kit makes it possible even for a novice to breed crickets successfully.


  • Comes with many things you will need to start your own successful cricket colony.
  • Comes with hatchling food which is a nice addition.
  • The kit is small and compact and perfect for very small-time breeding operations.
  • Price is on point.


  • Crickets come separately
  • The enclosure itself is way too small to house more than a handful of crickets, it’s far too shallow.
  • Small amounts of everything, bare minimum to get you started. Better off on our DIY list


DIY Build Your Own Cricket Farm; Shopping List

Fluker's Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet 6 Ounce (Pack of 1)
Formulated to be easily digested by all feeder insects; Food, vitamins and water in one diet!
Exo Terra Faunarium, Flat Home, Plastic Reptile Terrarium, Medium (Pack of 1), PT2300
Clear plastic terrarium great for temporary housing or quarantine; Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods
Zilla Coconut Husk Litter Brick
Zilla Coconut Husk Litter Brick
Little Giant Egg Flat Carton Reinforced Flat Egg Carton (Holds 30 Eggs) (Item No. EGGFLAT30)
HOLDS A THIRTY EGGS - This egg flat tray holds a thirty eggs.; COMES IN CASE OF 12 - This product include 12 flat egg trays.

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As a premium pick, We chose the DIY route because it’s much more flexible than just an ordinary kit. So if you want to breed crickets for protein, as bait, or just a pet project, DIY is an easy option. This shopping list comes with everything needed, with only quality products that will lead to a successful breeding operation.

Hopefully, This list will prevent you from being overwhelmed with all the necessary things that you need to have before attempting a cricket farm yourself because we’ve already done the overwhelming bit.

DIY Conclusion

By putting together your own breeding kit rather than depending on a prepackaged one, you can save money in the long run, as well as create a breeding kit that suits your needs precisely.

You are able to take into account your own personal needs, which include the number of crickets, size of the container or tank, and your own choice of substrate.

This list comes everything needed to get started breeding crickets on your own terms.