4 Common Waxworm Questions – Thing’s You Didn’t Know

Waxworm questions

This is an article you asked for, the most common questions we get about wax worms. There is some pretty neat stuff you might not know. Do Wax Worms Need to Be Refrigerated? Waxworms don’t need to be refrigerated, In fact, The average consumer fridge would kill them fairly quickly. With that being said, You … Read more

What do Wax Worms Eat?

What do Wax Worms Eat

If you are raising wax worms for the first time, there are a few things that you will need to know. We’ll go over what they eat and some tips on how to keep them healthy. What is a waxworm? Or more appropriately, what do wax worms turn into? A wax worm is the larval … Read more