Quick FAQ: What do hornworms turn into?

What do hornworms turn into

The answer to this question is, in fact, very interesting. Hornworms are the larvae of hawk moth. They can be found in North America and they feed on plants such as corn and tobacco. In order to turn into a full-grown moth, the hornworm goes through four stages of development: egg, larva (hornworm), pupa (chrysalis), and … Read more

What Do Hornworms Eat?

What Do Hornworms Eat

When it comes to feeding hornworms, they are not picky eaters! In the wild, they will consume almost any vegetation that is available. Hornworm’s in captivity however should be on a more strict diet rather than “anything goes”. What do hornworms eat in the wild? In the wild, hornworms will consume almost any vegetation that … Read more