How to Store Mealworms: A Guide

how do you store mealworms

Mealworms provide a cost-effective and sustainable food source for pet reptiles, birds, small animals, and fish. When stored properly they can last up to six months or more. This guide will teach you how to store mealworms in the best way possible so that you can enjoy them for years! The best way to store … Read more

Separating Mealworm Eggs From Adult Beetles

Separating Mealworm Eggs From Adult beetles

When mealworm beetles lay eggs, they will often cover them with the material you’ve used as bedding. This makes it difficult to identify the eggs from the adult beetles until you start looking closely. It’s very important to separate the eggs from the adults and place them in their own hatchery. This has several benefits, … Read more

Alternatives to Traditional Mealworm Substrate

Alternatives to traditional mealworm substrate

Do you want to give your mealworms an alternative type of substrate? There are many options available that can be used instead of traditional bedding that most people don’t know about. There are actually quite a few reasons why you would want to use an alternative to the usual grain-based substrates. It could be an … Read more

Superworms Vs Mealworms

mealworm v superworm

Superworms vs mealworms, A very commonly asked question. It’s no surprise really, they both look very similar to each other to the untrained eye, Except a bit of size difference. An inexperienced or new breeder may just chalk that up to fat well fed larva, But the truth is their are an incredible amount of … Read more

Mealworm Metamorphosis

Mealworm Metamorphosis

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about mealworms is thinking they are a species of worm. Actually, That isn’t the case at all. The name being a misnomer is a big part of that confusion. If your reading this, you probably already know what a mealworm actually is, but for everyone else, let’s explain: … Read more

A mealworms life cycle

Mealworm Life CYcle

Mealworms have become a very popular commodity due to the varied and extensive list of uses as a cheap protein. From lizard food to human food, home growers to industrial cultivation, mealworms continue to grow in popularity at an increasing rate. So let’s talk about the mealworm’s life cycle. What are mealworms? Mealworms aren’t actually … Read more

The Mealworm Diet – What Do Mealworms Eat?

What Do Mealworms Eat

There are several reasons someone might want to breed mealworms, But the most common one is for pet food. Lizards, Birds, Fish, chickens, etc love mealworms. They make a great protein-rich snack for your pets and are super easy to farm at home. But what do mealworms eat? Well if you’re looking to start farming … Read more