Red Wigglers: Reproduction Rate and Mating Frequencies

how fast do red wigglers reproduce

Red wigglers are one of the most sought-after earthworms for composting because they produce a lot of eggs and can reproduce at a fast rate. This post will explore how red wigglers mate, their reproduction rates, and their mating frequencies as a hermaphroditic species. Red wigglers mate by introducing their reproductive organs into the conjoining … Read more

Red Wiggler Facts You Should Know

Red worm facts

The red wiggler is one of the most popular worms for use in composting. Unlike other earthworms, red wigglers don’t live in earth and prefer to be underneath damp plant litter and decomposing organic matter. There have been a lot of names given to the red wiggler, Some of them are accurate, and some of … Read more

What Do Red Worms Eat? -The Red Worm Diet

red wriggler food

Red worms sure love to eat a lot of crap. To be fair we like to feed them! But it’s important that you are feeding your red worms the right thing, in order to maintain a healthy stable happy population. Certain things have to be taken into account like red worms don’t have teeth, Not … Read more