How Long Do Crickets Live Indoors

Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by Jeffery Jago

Many people think that crickets live for only a few days, but this is not the case. Crickets live about 8-10 months on average if they are well fed and cared for indoors! These numbers can vary depending on the species of cricket. There are 4 main species of farmed crickets:

  • Banded crickets
  • Gryllodes sigillatus
  • Acheta domestica
  • Black field cricket

Banded crickets: are native to Africa and typically live indoors in captivity for about eight months.

Gryllodes sigillatus: Gryllodes sigillatus insects can be found throughout Europe and Asia and they usually stay alive indoors during their lifespan between nine-11 months.

Acheta domestic: Acheta domestica is a species from North America that lives on average for around one year when kept inside a warm home environment. These types of crickets are most common in the United States.

Black field cricket: Black field crickets can be found in Africa and Asia, they tend to live for about a year when kept indoors.

The lifespan of the different types of crickets also depends on how well they are cared for while living inside your home breeding environment setup. This also doesn’t take into account the nutritional quality of the food that they are fed.

Overall the average life span of a cricket, species aside, is about a year.