Can you put ash in compost bin

Last Updated on April 24, 2021 by Jeffery Jago

Ashes are a type of waste that can be put into the compost bin. The ashes will raise the ph value and make it harder for bacteria to break down the organic matter, but they also add nutrients. Ashes should only be added in small amounts when you need to increase the pH of your bin.

Otherwise, Aside from that, Ashes are really good for plants and compost. As long as you aren’t overdoing it that is. Worms don’t particularly care for thick patches of ashes because it can burn their skin, and they don’t like the odor.

So if you do decide to spread ashes into your vermicomposting bin, mix it in well and be aware of how much you are adding. Be sure to check the pH level of your mixture first, too.

Fun fact, If you add water and wood ash, you get soap. Unfortunately, that “soap” is rendering the fat right out of your hand in an almost acid-like way. Now imaging your poor worms wiggling through a patch of ash? Not very nice! So be sure to mix it all in really well.

So ash will kill my worms?

Nope! As long as you don’t overdo it. Worms are actually really resilient creatures and they can survive being in ashes for a while, but too much exposure to ash will kill them like anything else.

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