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Currently, gues posts are free! That’s right! You pay nothing!

We are always looking for new guest posts to publish on our blog. We have a wide range of topics that we cover and would love your help with the content! Please follow the guidelines below if you would like to post on thewormpeople.com.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Your article must be well-written and relevant to vermiculture, feeder insects, or similar topics. You can contact us if you have something and you are not sure about it.
  • It must be 90% original and not spun, copy-written, or stolen from elsewhere.
  • Include paragraphs and examples to make it easier to read. A feature image is also a must. We use pin-sized images of 1000×1500, but you can go a bit smaller if you like. Subject to approval.
  • Article can’t contain affiliate links but can contain outside links to your web properties assuming they are related.
  • Read a few of our articles to understand our writing style.
  • Every post we publish will teach our readers to do something, or teach them about something. Our website is informational.
  • Word count should be 600 minimum, no maximum.

The benefits of guest posting with us:

  • Do-Follow Links back to your website
  • Increased site conversions due to the heavy Bing-related traffic with no adblocker
  • A Strong article portfolio
  • You will be given an author page

Types of posts:

There are many posts that we will add to our website, Here just a few examples. Feel free to contact us and ask us if you have any other post styles you would like to guest post but aren’t listed here.

  1. How-to posts
  2. Answering question posts
  3. Best Lists (with content, not just spammy links to your site and some bullets)
  4. Product reviews (no affiliate, although exceptions may be made depending on the affiliate)

If you would like to submit an article for review, you can contact us here:

Note: If you already have an article ready to go, Please upload it to google docs and add the share link in the message body for simplicity’s sake.

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