What are The Earthworms Greatest Predators

earthworm hunter predator

Did you know earthworms are a really good source of protein? Well, so did everyone else in the animal kingdom and insect world! Did you know earthworms actually have a lot of enemies? yeah, it’s true! Our lovely little pink or red friends aren’t so beloved around the world, At least, not in a friendly … Read more

The Mealworm Diet – What Do Mealworms Eat?

What Do Mealworms Eat

There are several reasons someone might want to breed mealworms, But the most common one is for pet food. Lizards, Birds, Fish, chickens, etc love mealworms. They make a great protein-rich snack for your pets and are super easy to farm at home. But what do mealworms eat? Well if you’re looking to start farming … Read more

The Nightcrawler Diet – What To Feed Nightcrawlers

what to feed nightcrawlers

There are a variety of reasons you would want to keep Nightcrawlers around. From fishing to gardening to animal feed, they are truly multipurpose. Also known as ‘the grunt worm’, their main purpose when it comes to industrial worm farming is for fish hook bait. They are the ideal worm for this. However, some people … Read more