Can Nightcrawlers Drown?

Last Updated on April 24, 2021 by Jeffery Jago

Nightcrawlers are a type of worm that lives in the soil during the day and comes out at night. They live in damp, cool environments so it is not surprising to find them under logs or rocks near water bodies. Some people say they can survive underwater for up to two days – but there is little scientific evidence for this claim due to so many variables involved.

So can nightcrawlers drown? I’m glad you asked! Nightcrawlers don’t have any lungs, like humans do, so they absorb oxygen from the water through their skin and intestines. This means that if there isn’t enough oxygen dissolved into the water, then these worms will die within minutes!

So the amount of time a nightcrawler can actually survive depends on the oxygenation levels of the water it’s being submerged in. Waterlogged soil often contains enough oxygen, so if you find a nightcrawler in your garden, it’s likely still alive and well.

On the other hand, If you see a nightcrawler in the middle of your driveway after heavy rainfall, and the ground starting to dry up quickly and the sun is beaming down bright, Do him a favor and help him over to the grass or dirt.

Or chuck him into your compost and give him a few free meals! He’ll pay you back 100 fold!