How to Get Rid Of Dubia Roaches

Last Updated on July 11, 2021 by Jeffery Jago

There are several reasons why someone might need to get rid of their Dubia roach colony.

The most common is they simply do not need them anymore.

Another reason could be they are sick with mites and you want to start over.

Whatever your reason might be we will try and discuss all the options you have here.

Sell the colony

Maybe the animal you used to feed your roaches to has passed away and you do not have any pets that will eat them anymore.

In that case, it’s always better to try and get the most out of your investment by selling your Dubia roach colony locally or online.

Check your local pet store or local lizard feed store, they may be interested in purchasing it locally.

If not, You have more options.

  1. eBay
  2. Craigslist
  3. Amazon
  4. Feeder Forums/ community forums
  5. Reddit
  6. Your local advertisers
  7. Facebook marketplace
  8. Private Facebook groups

It’s should be pretty easy to sell an entire intact colony without much issue, as long as shipping isn’t prohibited in your area.

Sell the colon as starter kits

Dubai roach kits are an amazing way to get the most out of your initial investment. Parting out a colony in this way is the ideal way to sell them.

Each kit should contain at least 6 males and 6 females and various other nymphs. A kit generally will also contain:

  • 10 egg flats
  • 6 adult males
  • 6 adult females
  • Some extra juveniles or nymphs (around 50-100)
  • A coconut coir substrate brick
  • Insect boundary powder
  • Bonus if you add some Dermestid beetle starter with the roaches as the cleanup crew.

While selling your entire colony at once is definitely an easier route, You will only get $100-$200usd for it.

By parting out your colony little bits at a time in the form of starter colony kits, You could sell each one for $100 USD, With the average colony haveing enough roaches for 4-5 kits.

That’s easily 3x more, and you could even turn it into a full-time business if you enjoy it!

Freeze it

Sometimes you have other reasons for needing to dispose of your roaches Like they’re infested with mites or other illnesses.

Obviously, you can’t sell these, and whether you want to start over or not, it’s important to destroy the colony if you aren’t interested in treating them.

This is a pretty easy process.

  1. Collect all the roaches and dump everything from the colony into a container
  2. Place all your egg flats into a sealed garbage bag
  3. Stick the container and the bag into the deep freeze for 1 or 2 days (egg flats can provide a bit of insulation so it might take 2 days+).
  4. Toss it in the trash after everything’s been frozen

Now if you want to start over, You need to take their old colony enclosure and either replace it entirely Or give it a very good cleaning with bleach to kill any disease or mites left over.

Throw away anything that might have mites on it that you can not disinfect and replace with new stuff.

Never reuse your contaminated egg flats, Replace them completely. Make sure they get frozen and tossed.

Give it away

Of course, Maybe you don’t want to deal with the hassle of any of the parting out or listing your colony online, Or maybe you just aren’t interested in selling it.

If that’s the case, Giving it away is always an appreciated option for people sharing the same passion for Dubia roaches as you.

There are many people out there that would be very glad to have your colony, and it’s always free of charge too!

Don’t forget to provide a list of all the equipment and food you included with it when giving it away.

Obviously, do not give away roaches to just anyone. Only give your colony to someone who has been educated in caring for Dubia roaches beforehand (on either forums, on Youtube, or preferably both)!! If you think the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing Don’t give him the colony.

Don’t just toss roaches in the trash

Or leave them somewhere where they may have a chance of escaping and invading the neighborhood!

Remember if you just want to throw them out you always should freeze them first.

If you want more than one option when it comes to disposing of your Dubia Roach colony then feel free to pick and choose out of this list any method that works best for you.