How To Get Rid Of Crickets

How To Get Rid Of Crickets

Here at thewormpeople, Usually we’re telling people how to breed and raise more crickets, not how to kill them! However, we realize there’s a huge difference between the cricket farmer who loves the smell and sounds vs the normal home owner who only hears an annoying cricket keeping them awake at night. So this article … Read more

What Do Superworms Eat?

what do superworms eat

A superworms diet is an important part of raising high-grade high-quality worms. One of the most important aspects of their feeding is to find a balance between dry and wet foodstuffs. For superworms in particular, You want to keep their hydration level up a bit. Big worms require big hydration, so adding slices of cucumber, … Read more

Superworms Vs Mealworms

mealworm v superworm

Superworms vs mealworms, A very commonly asked question. It’s no surprise really, they both look very similar to each other to the untrained eye, Except a bit of size difference. An inexperienced or new breeder may just chalk that up to fat well fed larva, But the truth is their are an incredible amount of … Read more

Mealworm Metamorphosis

Mealworm Metamorphosis

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about mealworms is thinking they are a species of worm. Actually, That isn’t the case at all. The name being a misnomer is a big part of that confusion. If your reading this, you probably already know what a mealworm actually is, but for everyone else, let’s explain: … Read more

Red Wiggler Facts You Should Know

Red worm facts

The red wiggler is one of the most popular worms for use in composting. Unlike other earthworms, red wigglers don’t live in earth and prefer to be underneath damp plant litter and decomposing organic matter. There have been a lot of names given to the red wiggler, Some of them are accurate, and some of … Read more

Interesting Facts on Earthworms

Facts on Earthworms

Earthworms might not be for everyone. Their slimy, wet, wiggly, and just overall alien to look at. But the truth is earthworms serve an important role in our environment which includes special functions that keep us humans alive and well too. After you read the facts laid out in this article, Do yourself a favor … Read more

Types of Vermicomposting Worms You Can Use

Vermicomposting Worms

There are an endless variety of worm species you can use in Vermicomposting, But not all built equally. The most common species of worms typically used are Red wigglers (Eisenia fetida which is actually a tiger worm, or simply ‘red tigers’ and not of the rubellus family), Redworms (Lumbricus rubellus, related to the lumbricus Terrestris), … Read more

A mealworms life cycle

Mealworm Life CYcle

Mealworms have become a very popular commodity due to the varied and extensive list of uses as a cheap protein. From lizard food to human food, home growers to industrial cultivation, mealworms continue to grow in popularity at an increasing rate. So let’s talk about the mealworm’s life cycle. What are mealworms? Mealworms aren’t actually … Read more